Foundry operator conducting an iron quality check in the Melt Department.

Our Quality

Quality products and consistent performance are our top priorities.

Quality Management Systems & Practices

We commit to deliver the highest possible standards of quality.

Foundry lab technician reviewing the green sand process to ensure quality output

Sand Lab

Our proper formulation and quality is why we are able to make and use only A-1 molds for production.

Cast Iron Metal Lab technicians reviewing test samples to verify the cast iron process is functioning properly

Metals Lab

Before tapping a single ladle of iron we check the chemistry of every heat of iron and verify each holding furnace.

Kohler corporate lab technician reviewing results in a microscope demonstrating support of the foundry operations

Corporate Chem Lab

Our foundry utilizes our on-site Corporate Chem Lab located on our Kohler, WI campus for detailed analysis and problem solving.

Foundry technician operating a 3D scanner to conduct a comprehensive review of cast iron parts.

Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) Lab

Our CMM Lab verifies that castings, patterns and core boxes meet dimensional specifications.

Kohler Foundry Pattern Builders inspecting tooling to ensure it meets all dimensions

Parts Inspection & Reverse Engineering

We use our new Faro Laser Scanner to inspect a casting once we make a part, and to identify worn parts.

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