Overhead iron delivery system feeding the HWS pouring boxes in the foundry

Our Foundry

Our modern, ISO-9001 certified, 245,000 square-foot foundry is dedicated to creating quality iron castings for your business.

Premium Industrial Castings

Proud, dedicated, skilled. View our operations and meet the women and men of our foundry.

Cast Iron Foundry Operator deslagging molten iron bath


Kohler Industrial Castings has the capacity and process flexibility to offer a variety of iron grades to meet your casting design criteria.

Overhead view of covered Scrap yard and material segregation outside of the cast iron foundry

Our Grades

Kohler Industrial Castings produces three grades of gray iron, four grades of ductile iron, and five grades of austempered ductile iron.

View of the Robotic manipulator used to improve safety, quality and cycle time

Core Making

Our Laempe LFB-50 is an automated coring machine with robotic on-load. It provides high-quality continuous operation core making.

Core Setting Operators utilizing lift assists for ergonomic improvements in foundry operations.

Molding Center

A new HWS high-performance molding machine was added in October 2019, adding state-of-the-art molding services.

Foundry operator conducting quality assurance checks on cast iron parts post molding

Casting Finishing

Castings are robotically or manually ground to obtain the desired finish per customer specifications.

Experienced Pattern Builders inspecting the tooling to ensure it meets customer dimensions and specifications

Pattern Facility & Kohler Engineering Department

Staffed with skilled craftsmen, our team works to seek out product improvements and cost savings for production and sand cast products.

Shipping/Receiving Foundry operator checking Inventory to ensure the accuracy of product availability for our customers

Our Services

Kohler Industrial Castings offers more than 10 value-added services to our customers.

Nighttime view of well-lit scrap yard to support three shift operation

Crane Yard

Two 10-ton span cranes bridge our 40,000 sq. ft. crane yard.

Kohler Industrial Castings can tackle any job

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