Core Setting Operators utilizing lift assists for ergonomic improvements in foundry operations.

Molding Center

New Horizontally Parted Molding Equipment

In October 2019, Kohler installed a new HWS high-performance molding machine. The HWS is a state of the art tight-flask, high speed, horizontally parted cope and drag molding line.

Machine Specifications

  • Flask size of 32" x 42" 
  • Cope-over-drag of 10/10" 
  • Max mold speed is 240 mph

Equipment Capabilities

  • Castings from 5 to 200-pounds  

  • In-cycle change over allows for savings in set-up time 

  • Ability to set cores in cope and drag for complex parts 

  • Fully automated, dual pouring boxes provide a repeatable pouring stream 

  • Minimum 1-hour cooling to create robust environment for varying casting sizes 

  • Ability to use rotary drum for additional cleaning capacity

Alloys are added to our automated iron delivery system via a computer-controlled alloy station.

Molding sand is batch-mulled and each batch is automatically computer-checked for moisture content, compact-ability and green compression strength to optimize molding characteristics for each job. Results are compared and tracked against a full suite of off-line sand tests by our sand land technicians.

With this new equipment, Kohler Industrial Castings can double capacity to produce up to 1.45 million molds per year while meeting demands for casting process precision and cast part requirements of dimensional accuracy, repeatability and surface quality.

Hydraulic Manipulators 

Our hydraulic manipulators are configured for use in our shake out and despruing areas. These machines improve our ability to safely and efficiently move and separate castings and revert material. The use of this handling system also allows Kohler Industrial Castings to produce heavier castings while providing a safer and cleaner work environment for our associates.