Nighttime view of well-lit scrap yard to support three shift operation

Crane Yard

Material Handling and Process Improvements

With two (2) 10-ton span cranes that bridge our 40,000 Sq. Ft. crane yard, Kohler Industrial Castings has the capacity to both store and transport iron into the facility on a highly consistent and efficient basis.

Kohler Industrial Castings is on track to enclose our bulk material storage yard in 2020.

Improvements to the yard system include a concrete base floor and enclosed roof. These upgrades to the yard will improve iron material storage and decrease the potential for slag generation, while allowing for further future process improvements. 

Enclosed yard benefits include:

  • Less slag and impurities 

  • Cleaner melt

  • Cleaner iron 

  • Less energy to melt

  • More efficient melting cycle