As part of the Kohler Company, Kohler Industrial Castings is held up to the same high standards and uncompromised quality that have been practiced for over the past 130 years.

We are continually pursing and achieving the highest standards of quality in the industry. Quality that we ensure through thorough testing and monitoring throughout the manufacturing process.


All of the sand used in the Kohler Foundry is analyzed and certified by the Kohler Sand Lab before it is placed into silos. We continuously check the sand for proper formulation and quality limits during the process, which is why Kohler is able to make and use only A-1 molds for production.

To ensure consistent quality, our Sand Lab analyzes:

  • Moisture
  • Green strength
  • Deformation
  • Screen distribution
  • Wet tensile
  • pH
  • Compatibility
  • Permeability
  • Methylene blue & AFS day
  • Mold hardness


Our Metals lab checks the chemistry of every ladle to premium quality for pouring. The Metals lab conducts:

  • Chemical and carbon/sulfur analysis
  • Microstructure and image analysis
  • Chemical composition, nodularity, microstructure content checks
  • Brinell and tensile testing


Our foundry utilizes our on-site Corporate Lab for detailed analysis and problem solving. Avoiding outsourcing tests to outside labs saves our customers valuable time and expenses.

Our Corporate Lab offers expertise in the following:

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Metal and materials analysis Process technology
  • Rare in-house scanning electron microscope capabilities


Through industrial radiography and coordinate measurement testing, our CMM Lab verifies that castings, patterns and core boxes meet dimensional specifications. As an extra measure of quality control, the CMM Lab also performs preventative maintenance checks on tooling to ensure consistent quality performance.

Quality products and consistent performance are our top priorities, which is why we implement the Kohler Operating System (KOS) to focus on eliminating waste of all kinds. The KOS methodology improves processes and lowers costs for many of our customers.