Our modern, ISO-9001 certified, 245,000 square-foot foundry is dedicated to creating quality iron castings for your business. With various labs and processes Kohler Industrial Castings can tackle any job, whether you require one hundred or one million castings annually.


With five Inductotherm, 35 ton capacity coreless melting furnaces and three channel inductor holding furnaces, Kohler Industrial Castings has the capacity to offer greater process flexibility and highly consistent quality products to our customers.

We remove impurities and oxides before iron is to the holding furnaces, and use overhead monorail ladles to deliver molten iron from the melting furnaces ensuring a safe and timely delivery process.


Produced on cold box and pep-set equipment, our precision cores are maintained with rigorous testing, dimensional gauging, weighing and visual inspections.

We only accept A-1 cores for production which are then transported to the molding line and prepared for pouring.


Our molding center uses a tight-flask, high speed, high-density, horizontally parted cope and drag HWS molding machine.

Capable of producing 240 molds per hour, the HWS machine uses fully automated, dual pouring boxes and with multiple core-setting stations with a flask size of 32” X 42” and a 10” cope over a 10” drag.


Our centralized cleaning and finishing facility ensures every casting is quickly and thoroughly processed, no matter the size.

Castings are finished on a 28-cubic-foot Wheelabrator tumblast machine or compartment Spin blast unit using grit or steel shot to mechanically clean them. Castings are robotically or manually ground to obtain the desired finish per customer specifications.


Our leading edge, in-house pattern facility is fully staffed with skilled craftsmen to maintain high-quality production standards and aid you in saving time and money. Our pattern shop is capable of manufacturing and repairing a wide range of equipment along with other services to ensure a quality result.

  • Downloading CAD files to create tooling
  • Running solidification software to troubleshoot prior to production
  • Build patterns and core boxes
  • Casting design
  • Product improvement
  • Cost savings
  • Total design of fixtures, tooling and equipment for production of sand cast products.

All pattern equipment is dimensionally verified before production castings are made.

Pattern makers are capable of working with steel aluminum, and urethane equipment.